Multipple palettes with different designs

Hello together.

I have 3 palettes shown on my desktop with multiple macros inside.
Is there a way to give theme different designs in color and size etc

I just can design the default and it takes effect of all.
But when im in the palette theme editor and click in keyboardmaestro a palette so i have the ability to customize every single palette but it does take no effect on the selected palette.
Is it a bug or not possible to design the palettes separately?

Thanks for helping me
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Do I understand this correctly as in the video here?

Yes it looks like the same.

I do a record from my screen Video.
There you can see, the changes not happen.

Please do not change the color in the global settings @David_Klimmek. You can do this in the respective palettes. Here is a short video.

Please excuse my English … Google Translate is my best friend :wink:


Perfect, thats it.

Hey super. Danke 1000 mal.
Ich wusste garnicht das man das dort direkt ändern kann.
Hatte überall auch im Manual gesucht aber nichts gefunden. Dachte schon es hat mit den Zugriffsrechten irgendeiner File zu tun, da Sierra da ab und an Probleme verursachen kann.
Vielen vielen dank für die schnelle Hilfe und die einfach Erklärung.
Geht auch ohne Google Translate. :wink:
Liebe Grüße

Thank you also to you. But I have also only yesterday, because I have re-arranged my pallets & sub-pallets. So it was coincidence that I could answer you :nerd_face:

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