Multipress Palettes

A detail on the subject of (Macro Group) Pallets that at least I was not aware of.

Multipress macros can be integrated into these palettes. I use the excellent version of @noisneil. Very helpful to me. So I can use the same single key trigger eg "a" several times. Pressed once/twice/tripple or long pressed the macro does different things (but only if a palette is open).

This works well. But unfortunately not, with the option "Show palette for one action". What works is the KM short/long press trigger.

But @noisneil Multipress macros are much better. Is there a way to use these and still close the palette after each action?

I have tried to do the obvious, to include at the end of a macro the shortcut that show/hide the palette. But this does not work.

Thank you!