Mutlichannel Audio Interface and KM


I have a KM macro ( on-screen palette-button) to play a tuning note (choice of A-440 or Bb) in the recording studio.

I use the Play Sound Action to play the audio file.

I also have a Macro titled Cancel Audio that stops playing the note.

We have multi-channel audio interfaces here (three interfaces with about 30-40 possible outputs).

I'd like the audio to play out of two sets of stere outputs of one of the interfaces that feed our headphone cue system.

Let's say Presonus Quantum Outputs A 11/12 and A 13/14.

I'm trying to figure out how to route the Play Sound action to those specific outputs.

Currently I just see the names of the connected possible outputs (Built In Output, Display Port, HDMI, and Presonus Quantum).

When I pick Presonus Quantum it plays out of outputs A 1/2 and does not give me a choice of other outputs.

I tried creating an Aggregate Audio Device in OS X AudioMidi, and it shows up in KM, but I can't see of a way in AudioMidi of KM to just pick the four outputs I want, or to mute the ones I don't want.

Is there a way around this, do I not understand Aggregate Audio Devices, something else?

Many thanks!!!

Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 11.18.53 AM

Hey never mind!

For this of you that are interested, in OS X AudioMidi, if you create and aggregate device, then highlight the device with your mouse, it has an option named "Configure Speakers".

In that you can pick stereo, quad (what I used), 5.1, 7.1 whatever.

You can ignore the surround designations and just think of them as a number of channels (i.e. Quad is 4 channels, 5.1 is 6 channels, etc.).

Then go in and choose the desired outputs for the "speakers", and have KM use that aggregate device as the disunited output.

And voila!

Well it is more complicated actually.

I was able to switch the KM output to a different stereo pair that feeds the headphones using aggregate devices, but the extra channels in quad and 5.1 settings don't seem to be working yet.

My main purpose was just to get tuning notes to the audio interface's phones cue-output-pair, so I've accomplished that at least, and will leave the other outputs for another day!