My F3 and F4 Doesn't Work on MacBook

After a shutdown of my MacBook, my f3 and f4 buttons do not work anymore.
I mapped the launchpad on f3 and show mission control on f4.
Could anyone help with that?

Not really. You haven't given us any information to go on...

  • Do you in fact have Keyboard Maestro installed?
  • If so what version?
  • On what version of macOS?
  • Are you a new user?
  • What F3 and F4 buttons? Did you give KM macros hotkey triggers?
  • What is the status of this setting on your system?

(This is on macOS 10.14.6, but I assume the same setting is on later versions of macOS even if its location has been jockeyed around with.)

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