My Outlook 2011 Macros



After a quick review earlier today, I realized that I have not posted most of my Outlook 2011 macros. If you are interested in any from the below list, reply here and I will cleanup and post the macro.

Some of these are very specific to my needs and workflows, and may not be useful to others without substantial changes.

My apologies for the brief, and perhaps cryptic, Macro Titles.

My Outlook 2011 Macros

  1. OL Apply Normal Font to Selection
  2. OL Apply Std Style to Outlook Message
  3. OL Apply Yellow Highlight
  4. OL Collapse All Groups
  5. OL Copy EMail & Paste Into Evernote (Outlook)
  6. OL Delete Old Completed Outlook Tasks
  7. OL End Key – Go To Bottom
  8. OL Find [SUB]
  9. OL FWD EWT Options Trade to Evernote
  10. OL FWD EWT WE & Alerts to Evernote
  11. OL FWD Orders to Evernote
  12. OL FWD to Evernote
  13. OL Home Key – Go To Top
  14. OL Horizontal Line
  15. OL REPLY to SD6 Message
  16. OL Reset - Go to Inbox Top Message
  17. OL Select Line and Set Color to Blue
  18. OL SUB Cleanup EWT Trade Table
  19. OL SUB Find & Copy Line
  20. OL SUB FWD EWT Part 1 - Open EMail to Get Date & Author
  21. OL SUB Set Recipient to EN EMail
  22. OL TDA Parse Buy/Sell Trade to Reformat Trade Line
  23. OL Toggle INDENT of HTML Reply and FWD in Outlook 2011

Best Macros by @JMichaelTX

Hi JMichaelTX,
Do you have a macro handy for replying to email with a standard greeting for Outlook 2016 (15.33)? Something like “Hi, [firstname]”.


Jesper, I didn’t have a macro/script for this, but here is a script I wrote quickly that should work. Note that it is for Outlook 2011. I don’t have Outlook 2016, but it should work. You may need to make some adjustments.

Just put it in a KM Execute AppleScript Action, and you should be good to go.

NOTICE: This script has had very limited testing. Use at your own risk.

###AppleScript to Create Outlook 2011 Reply

  Reply to Outlook Message with Sender Name

VER:   1.0    LAST UPDATE:   2017-04-28

AUTHOR:    JMichaelTX

  1.  Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5+
  2.  Mac Applications
        • Outlook 2011

REF:  The following were used in some way in the writing of this script.
tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
  set msgList to selection
  if msgList = missing value then
    -- no email selected, don't continue
    display dialog "No email is selected!"
  end if
  set oOrigMsg to item 1 of msgList
  set senderName to name of (get oOrigMsg's sender)
  set firstNameStr to word 1 of senderName
  --- CREATE REPLY MSG, But Do NOT Open in Window ---
  set oReplyMsg to reply to oOrigMsg without opening window
  set contentOrigMsg to content of oReplyMsg
  if has html of oReplyMsg then
    set the content of oReplyMsg to ("Hi " & firstNameStr & ",</br>") & contentOrigMsg
    set the plain text content of oReplyMsg to "Hi " & firstNameStr & "," & return & (the plain text content of oReplyMsg)
  end if
  --- NOW OPEN WINDOW, After All Changes Have been set ---
  open oReplyMsg
end tell -- "Microsoft Outlook"


tell application "System Events"
  if quit delay ≠ 0 then set quit delay to 0
  tell application process "Microsoft Outlook"
    set frontmost to true
    tell (first window whose subrole is "AXStandardWindow")
      delay 0.05
      tell scroll area 1 to tell UI element 1 to set focused to true
    end tell
    --- Position Cursor AFTER Salutation ---
    key code 125 -- DownArrow
  end tell
end tell


Even though I'm up to Outlook 2016 (16.14.x), I'm hoping that those KM macros still work and that you can make them available. I'm very interested in ones that change font colors, backgrounds, etc., as I've not figure out an easy way to do that yet.


OK. Give me a day or so, and I'll try to clean them up to be suitable for upload. Feel free to ping me if I don't upload within a few days.


Any chance to upload these Macros?
thank you in advance!