My Profile has Suddenly Become Hidden

I've just been told by a user of this forum that they can't send me a private message because my "public profile is hidden".

Other users have sent me private messages in the past so at the very least I'd like to know how I can "unhide" my profile to allow private messaging. It would also be nice to know why this has suddenly happened when I have not changed anything myself.

And before anyone suggests it I also have this set in my profile:

KM 0 2021-07-14_12-47-53

This is what the other user sees:


Any suggestions @peternlewis ? (See next post for the fix.)

I found the problem.

KM 0 2021-07-14_14-00-01

In my account's preferences the Hide box had been checked. Unchecking has now, I think, fixed the issue.

I still have the question as to how that had suddenly become checked.

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No idea on that I'm afraid. I didn't see any reports on meta.discourse.

I don't know of any way I could check if the flag is turned on for lots of users or not.

So for now I think it will remain a mystery.

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