My Remote Web Trigger Stops Working About 30min After Launching Keyboard Maestro

I used this tigger without problems with my older MacBook. but with the new one (M1 max) it doesn't react after about 30min.
Please help.
thank you


The Remote trigger works with a long poll to a web server on This connection has the “Keep Alive” facility configured to resend periodic empty packets to keep the connection alive. However some networks will lose the connection despite this, and will silently drop the connection but never tell Keyboard Maestro that the connection is dropped.

You can turn on debugging with:

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine Debug RemoteTriggerMonitor

and restart the Keyboard Maestro Engine, and it will report some information about the connection, but likely nothing very useful.

What you can try is add a second remote trigger, and a system to toggle it on and off every ten minutes (eg every odd ten minutes disable it, and every even ten minutes enable it) - that will force more communication through the pipe and might be enough to ensure the connection stays open.

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Ok, that seems to work. Thank you very much for the solution.
I done it with integromat. Do you know a better (and cheaper ) way to keep the connection alive?

I don't know what you mean - all you should need to do is have a Keyboard Maestro macro toggle another Keyboard Maestro macro on and off every ten minutes or so. I don't understand how integromat fits in to it.

Ok, Thank you. I didn't think about triggering a trigger Program. Now I tried it with following Macro:

when application activates
will execute following actions:
Repeat actions 100 Times
(open Url in background (a remote trigger without action)
Pause for 6 Minutes)

This works. But I don't like that Safari gets in the foreground every 6 minutes. Have you got a better idea? And why isn't Keyboard Maestro able to keep itself active? Isn't that actually a bug?

Thank you for the help so far.

Hey Dave,

Please take time to actually read the forum – Peter answered your question in post #3.

You don't need a repeat – you can use a Periodic trigger.

You can run JavaScript or AppleScript in a background tab in Safari – it never needs to be brought to the foreground.