My two Macs keep syncing their clipboards


I use two macbook pros, and I have tried using a sync file for all my macros, and after that somehow my two macs keep sharing the clipboard - even though I have clicked "Stop Syncing Macros" in KBMs file menu.

Anyone who have had this problem? I usually keep one mac running with some slow macro and a lot of clipboarding and then I suddenly paste Mac 1s clipboard on Mac 2.

Anyone know where to start?

Thanks again for any help! This forum has helped me so much this last few years!


KM Macro Syncing only syncs macros. As stated in the KM Wiki:

Note: Only your macros are synced. None of your preferences, clipboards or variables are synced.

So, there must be some other app or util that is causing your clipboards to be sync'd.

I guess you have either the macOS’ Universal Clipboard feature enabled (via Handoff; System Preferences > General), or you are using a third-party clipboard sharing/syncing tool (for example Copied, 1Clipboard, etc.)

You can send a clipboard from KM’s Clipboard History to the Clipboard History of another Mac (with KM installed), but — to my knowledge — it doesn’t send automatically or in the background.

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