Named clipboards blank when import new macro?

I noticed when I import a new macro and if the macro has any named clipboards, the clipboards are empty.

So if I want to preserve my existing macros (to use them later by importing into a new device etc) would I also have to write down my named clipboard data separately?

Is there any easier solution? Am I missing something?

Named Clipboards are not stored with the macros, they are stored separately.

Which means they are not included when you export a macro, and they are not synced with Macro Syncing.

So yes, if the named clipboards are intended to hold permanent data, then you need to have that data stored somewhere and that needs to be transferred to new devices as well. They could be stored in files for example, and you could have a macro that reads the files into the desired named clipboards, and run that when you need to reset any named clipboards.