Napkin v0.9k Text, Drawing & Photo Macro

Napkin Updated for Keyboard Maestro v10

OK, new and improved v0.9o (with version number display between the Help and Quit buttons). This version detects v8's limitations and should work with versions about that, including v10. Includes the new color scheme, too.


Napkin: The App Macro

Napkin- The App.kmmacros (189 KB)

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Thank you for your help.

Thanks for reporting the problem.


"Building Napkin together since early 2021 we are united in our mission to help make your ideas take shape one thought at a time."

I predate them by two years.

I thought it might be something like that. Too bad you didn't trademark or patent it, right?

Well, it's just a free macro. I don't think they'll gain any advantage from using the same name. But if I had a team of lawyers on retainer like some companies...

However, they may have lawyers on retainer, etc., so do maintain your doc of having had the name first.

I hear from any lawyers, I'll just point them to this thread :upside_down_face:

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