Need a condition | no input for 0.5 seconds

hi, I'm trying to make a mcaro.
it's kinda hard to explain, but is there a way to tell KM to wait until nothing has been pressed in the past 0.5 second and then do something?
Edit: to elaborate
what I'm trying to automate is this:
Press Opt+V in google chrome opens up an extension that let's me control volume
once the little extension pop up is open I can press up or down repeatedly to control the volume
when I'm done I need to close the extension popup by pressing Opt+V again
using a key combination I'm achieving exactly what I need using this:

BUT now I got a macropad with knobs and I want to use the knob to control the volume. turning the knob just repeats the same key press its set to i.e. I programmed turning the knob left to F22 and right to F23
so turning the knob sends F22 F22 F22 F22 F22 F22 or F23 F23 F23 F23 F23 F23
What I want is when I first turn the knob so the first F22 press to send Opt+V then the when I repeat F22 simply send Up Arrow. I'm stuck on how to close the popup i.e. send the 2nd Opt+V ONLY when I've finished turning the knob
this is what I have so far:

but it's not working as I want

How about the pause action, will that do what you want?

just "pause" wouldn't work for me. I'm going to edit the post and elaborate on my use case


It sounds like the IDLE() function, set up in a Pause Until like how I've done bellow, is something of what you're looking for:

Pause Until.kmactions (656 B)

Thanks, that is what I want, I've been tinkering with it (it's not perfect) but I think I just need to spend more time on it.