Need a Toggle On/Off Shortcut for Video Editing with Avid Media Composer

I use Avid Media Composer and was hoping to create a toggle key for disabling and enabling a video clip.

Without using KM I've assigned Avid to use two separate key strokes to perform this action. I'd like it to be one. I only know the basics of KM so am getting a bit lost with trying to create one even though I've found similar threads.

Could use some assistance thanks.

Without assigning your own hot keys within Avid, how would you normally accomplish this enable/disable of a video clip?

For example, is there a menu command for enabling/disabling (that would be the simplest for Keyboard Maestro to automate and toggle).

I don't have MC, so I can't test this, but:

Mute-Unmute Clip Toggle.kmmacros (21 KB)

Macro screenshot

Thanks. Yes I already have that assigned to two different hotkeys but what I’m looking for it one key that toggles it on and off and this is clip based not track.

Another thing is after you mute the clip avid deselects it so you have to click on it again if you want ti unmute. I sometimes have to toggle shots of and on for comparison and right now it’s a bit clunky to perform a toggle.

After selecting a clip:

  1. Hotkey to mute clip
  2. select clip again
  3. separate hotkey to unmute
  4. Select clip again
  5. Original hotkey to mute

Desired KM toggle
After selecting a clip:

  1. Hotkey to mute
  2. Same hotkey to unmute
  3. Same hotkey to mute

During these steps KM will automatically reselect the clip. I could probably perform that with an activated mouse click?

Oh thanks just noticed your post. I can try that.

I just realized I didn’t answer your question. Yes there is two separate menu commands for mute and unmute.

Assuming you aren't moving the mouse between toggles, you can automate clicking at the current mouse location like this:


Great solution thanks

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Hello. Today I tried this and it did mute the clip but when I selected the clip and hit the shortcut again it would not unmute. Any ideas why it won’t toggle back?

Here are two things that spring to mind:

  • Part of the macro is a click at the current location, so the mouse needs to be on top of the clip when you trigger it.
  • Its possible that AMC is one of those apps that doesn't update the availability of its menu items until the menu bar is clicked. Try clicking any menubar item between toggles to see if it makes a difference. If it does, I have a workaround for that.

If it's neither of these things, try using the Debugger to figure out what's going wrong.

Thanks I’ll try that tomorrow.

Ok click worked great but the menu option didn’t work still no toggle back on. Can you explain how I use there debugger? Never used it.

Try this:

Mute-Unmute Clip Toggle.kmmacros (23 KB)

Macro screenshot

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What you try to do seem simple :

1 -Select clip segment(s)
2- If they are muted -> unmute them
Otherwise -> mute them

But Media composer makes this quite difficult.

The real problem is twofold :
1- the Mute/Unmute menus are ALWAYS enabled.
2- there is no way for Keyboard Maestro to know the state (=muted/unmuted) of the clips.

So the following macro is the solution (that I do not advise, see below...) to what you’re trying to do :
toggle clip visibility.kmmacros (7.0 KB)

Why I'm not using this :

1 - you can have multiple clips selected that you want to toggle. Since the above macro use a clic to select the clip under the cursor it fails in this situation
2 - you can’t move the mouse away from the selected clip.

My solution (no need for keyboard maestro…)
1 - Select the clip(s) in segment mode.
2 - Mute or Unmute the clip(s) with one of your defined avid shortcuts.
3 - do the toggle by alternating between ⌘Z and ⌘R.

I don't have AMC. Please show me the states of those menu items when a clip is muted/unmuted, with screenshots.

enabled. even with ui browser. no dice.

No, I mean show me what the menu looks like please.


From the menu bar here are screenshots showing no difference from muted to unmuted.

But there is a right-click contextual menu, not visible by ui browser or AppleScript where you have the correct handling of the mute / unmute states.

muted clip 2

Oh! OK. I'll have a look at this in the morning.