Need a variable for the day of the week in Date Macro

@JMichaelTX created a script years ago that I've been using in KM ever since. I'm trying to tweak the "@DATE Get Date for Prior/Next Day of Week [Example]" macro so that it gives me the whole spelled-out day of the week, the full month name, the date, and the year. So for the next Sunday, I want to be able to type my macro, "nsunl" for "next Sunday long" and then get "Sunday, March 29, 2020".

No matter what I do, I get the three-digit abbreviation (e.g. Sun instead of Sunday). Originally I had EEE as the code for the weekday, then I did some research and saw we can use %A instead. But nothing works. Maybe I'm tweaking the wrong part of the script. I've attached the macro in question. The version I've uploaded may not even give anything other than the short date, since I've been tinkering with it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated on how to get the above desired result.

Next Sunday Long.kmmacros (13.9 KB)

Update: In using the ICUDateTimeMinus token, I still get the 3-letter abbreviation for the day of the week. I've tried just %E and %A instead of the %EEE that the token comes with by default. Ideas?

Update 2: found it. Need to use EEEE. Problem solved. Leaving it here in case it's helpful to anyone else.