Need Better Execute Script Error Handling

Dan, looks good to me.

Along with that, we need a way to consistently detect when a “Execute Script” Action has an error. Currently, I am trapping for errors within the script, and then returning a string that starts with “[ERROR]” if there was an error.

So it would be great if when the script had an error, it will would work with your proposed try/catch/finally Action.

All much easier said than done, I’m sure.

I don’t want to tie this request to any others.

If this request is implemented, then all we have to do is check the script result as we do now, and use a “Throw” action.

So while it’s a valid request to have KM check for errors from a script, it actually has nothing to do with this request. I hope you know what I mean - no offense intended. I just don’t want to muddy the waters. :slight_smile:

That really doesn’t help me.
I already have a standard “If/Then” Action that tests for script error.

No problem. I was not trying to “tie it” to your request, just thought I’d mention it for Peter’s general info about error handling.

None taken. I get your point.
After I post this, I’ll move all of these posts related to script error to a new topic.

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