Need Help Implementing Synchronized Window Scrolling in Microsoft Word


  • MS Word at front
  • 2 MS Word windows side-by-side (windows may be for the same document).

End Goal(s) Desired

  • Scrolling in one window (e.g., the left window) will scroll the other (the right) window.
  • Trigger would be using mouse or trackpad scrolling with a modifier key (e.g., command) held down.

Detailed Explanation

MS Word for Windows has a "side by side" feature that I'm trying to emulate in MS Word for OS X that basically allows you to synchronized scrolling between 2 windows (click here to see description/example).

I have tried the gesture trigger and it does not activate. For example, I have tested it by creating a macro that will bring up an alert when I move the cursor down when MS Word is active but nothing happens. The macro does trigger (inconsistently) when I use multiple gestures in the trigger (e.g., mouse up, then diagonal), but this is not helpful.

My question is whether anyone has any suggestions as to how to implement the scrolling detection. I believe I can figure out the rest (i.e., how to scroll the other window) after detection of scrolling in the first window. Am I looking at the wrong trigger?


  • OS X 10.14.6
  • Keyboard Maestro 9.0.4
  • Microsoft (MS) Word 16.32

Detecting the scroll position in MS word is likely pretty hard to do.

I would think about doing it without that. As in you have one a macro, triggered by a shortcut, that performs page-down/up on both windows (or simulate scroll wheel) – despite their initial position.

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this ugly macro worked in Pages:

Thanks for your response. I apologize if my question wasn't phrased clearly enough. I want find a trigger based on whether someone uses a mouse wheel or touch pad to scroll. I don't need to know where in the window or document the current position of the document is--that is, I don't care about detecting the scroll position.

The first hurdle I have is to see if I can find a "trigger" based on detection of mouse wheel scrolling or trackpad scrolling. Perhaps it's not possible and I need to trigger using hot keys: for example, the other alternative is to use command+shift+down arrow as a trigger. Again, I believe I can handle the scrolling part (and someone already suggested "Simulate Scroll Wheel").

Thanks. This will help for the actual scrolling part. Please see my response to Julian for clarification that I need help with finding if there is a trigger, such as for your macro, based on detection of a mouse scroll wheel movement or trackpad scroll gesture.

That may be a challenge to do using KM, if it is possible at all.
Meanwhile, as a quick workaround, it would be fairly easy to create a macro that is triggered by a HotKey (like PgUp or PgDwn) and have it process both windows.

You can probably do this entirely using non-script KM Actions, but if it were me I'd use a KM Execute an AppleScript action to "tell" each window to "page" up or down.

This solution would also work if you can figure out how to trigger a Macro with the scroll wheel or touch pad.

With a combination of BetterTouchTool and Keyboard Maestro you could trigger on scroll. Just with Keyboard Maestro I would not know how to do that.

Thanks, will throw that into the hopper and see how it works in terms of GUI feel.

Holy. The thought did go through my mind about BTT as I actually have it. Let me try that first.

The way you probably wanna do it in BTT is to make a trigger "Normal Mouse – Scroll up/down" (and perhaps also a touchpad 2 finger gesture if needed).

Then as with BTT I think you could make the trigger part but not the action itself (at least not without writing an applescript). So I would just trigger a Keyboard Maestro macro with an BTT applescript action. (trigger:Script [Keyboard Maestro Wiki])

Thanks! I'll try it this weekend.