Need Help Opening Multiple Files Selected in PathFinder in Invisor

Hi all,

Sorry, my little knowledge about coding that I can't figure out how to achieve this I want.
Basically I wanna a macro works like this:

Send "open with..." by selected multiple files in Path Finder (instead of Original macosx Finder) .
(notes: send THEM into one command line)

I did got this two marcos

  1. Selected files in Finder
  2. Make working with PF instead of Finder.

Here is the issue that I don't know how to combine these two into one that achieve my request.
(sorry for my english if above makes you confuse )

this screenshot looks messy..:joy:

Thank you all.

Try this:

Open With Preview.kmmacros (28.2 KB)

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Thanks a lot for the help. It works very well with other App such as TextEdit, PDF Expert etc.

However my purpose is to open files with an Media-info check App called Invisor

this marco doesn't work with it. It only sends "the first selected file" to Invisor. :sweat_smile:

Any idea?

Thanks again.

Hey @shruru,

You'll need to change “Invisor Lite” to “Invisor” in the macro's Execute an AppleScript action, but this should work.


Open Selected Path_Finder Items in Invisor v1.00.kmmacros (6.0 KB)

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