Need Help Using Regex to Find Changing Menu Name


I need to select a menu item named "Pro Tools [1] (534 x 96)"

except the part where the number "1" is seems to be a moving target and I have not had success using regex to place a wildcard or search for only "(534 x 96)"

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I assume you are using the KM Select or Show a Menu Item action.
By starting the menu name with a caret ^ you make the menu name matching be a RegEx expressions.

Here are some untested examples:

If you want to match any menu that starts with "Pro Tools", you can use:
^Pro Tools

If you want to match everything in your example, but allow for different number in the square brackets, use:
^Pro Tools \[\d+\] \(534 x 96\)

Note that the brackets and parenthesis are preceded by a backslash to make it a literal match of that character. Normally they are RegEx metacharacters.

Of course there are other matches you could write, but I hope this example gives you a good starting point.

Thank you so much! Works like a charm. That was exactly what I needed, and thank you for explaining how to escape the literal characters.