Need Macro Steps to Perform "Save As" in MS Word 15.34

This seems like a very basic need (to me), but I haven’t been able to find an answer in the forum.

In MS Word 15.34 (latest version), I need the macro steps to perform the “Save As…” function.
Getting KM to record “Command+Shift+S” is easy.
Next I can get KM to click on the text “Word 97-2004 Document (.doc)” in the “File format:” drop-down list.
The problem is that I cannot get KM to select “Word Document (.docx)” in the same “File format:” drop-down list.

Any help will be much appreciated. I have hundreds of MS Word documents to convert, and I was hoping that KM could automate the task for me.

While KM could possibly do the task for you, I’m not sure it is the best tool for this job.
You would be using KM UI Actions, which can sometimes be tricky, depending on the app.

IMO, using MS Word VBA is your best choice, since the workflow is 100% within Word.
Or you could use AppleScript since Word has good scripting support.

I’d suggest that you do some searching for Word VBA solutions. You task is actually fairly common, and I suspect someone has already written a VBA macro for it.

After you’ve done some searching, if you don’t find anything suitable, post back here and I’ll take a look later in the day.

Hey Jeff,

Search the forum for:

“convert Microsoft word”

There’s an example or two.