Need some help with automating Youtube

I am pretty fed up with youTube's recommendation engine. It's hell bent on keeping suggestions stale. It seems to be broken by design: the rumor is that they figured out that keeping suggestions stale makes people stay on youTube longer somehow.

I went through dozens of Chrome plugins that hide already watched videos and some that keep track of them and then hide them. Most of them are broken, but in any case, what I want is a way to go through hundreds of already watched videos, clicking the dot menu, then "not interested" and then "tell us why" then I don't like this video.


Here are things I can't figure out:

  1. How do I click a hidden menu -- the stock chrome "click link" does not see it, and I can't seem to get click by xpath working.
  2. How do I click all of these on a page?

I found a Greasy Fork script that seems to do what I want, but it is broken and the JS inside does not make sense to me