Neither %SafariURL% nor %ChromeURL% are working as file names?

I am trying to use %SafariURL% in the example in the screenshot. None of the URL variables are working, nor is document title. I've checked permissions and KM has full disc access on my M1 Max 2021 MacBook Pro with Ventura 13.1. Not only will the file not save at all with %SafariURL% or any of the other URL or doc title variables, but I am able to simply set the variable FileName to text and it absolutely works so I'm confused why the URL cannot be read into data and I have tried other web pages with other URLS to see if maybe the URL was bad.

I solved it myself. I had to Search and Replace any URL characters out of the variable.

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Ahh, you mean the URL could not be used as part of a file name? Yes, you can't have / or : characters in file names.