Netflix macro - possible?

Hi everybody.

Has anyone found a way to automate entering their Netflix PIN?

Every time I pause a video that’s deemed adult (99% of them stand-up comedy), I have to enter the PIN again.
So I was wondering if that was possible.

For this sort of case, you could potentially use a macro that runs continuously while you are watching the video (Keyboard Maestro cannot tell when the movie finishes, but the macro can run while the web browser remains in the foreground and cancel itself otherwise).

The macro can periodically look on the screen for the PIN dialog. The CPU/battery usage probably wouldn’t be an issue while watching a video.

The macro should make sure that two copies of itself are not running, and you would have to trigger it by some manual mechanism first.

Keyboard Maestro does not have any triggers for when you access a URL, or change windows, or anything like that, so the only options are initial manual trigger, and then either manual trigger or polling to notice the PIN.

All this aside though, I’d be tempted to just have a hot key triggered macro to enter your PIN (the PIN can be saved in the keychain for added security if desired).

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Thanks, the continuously running macro sounds interesting. I think you might be right, though, that a macro to enter the PIN manually might be the best solution.