New (annoying) window frame behaviour on Catalina


Has anyone noticed on Catalina 10.15.4 that when running a KM 'set window frame' macro, the operating system now animates the window change but it doesn't complete the change as indended.

For example, it will either set the origin or the size but not both. You have to run the macro 2-3 times for it to actually finally reach its indended X/Y pos and size.

Is this something that needs to be addressed in KM now? I'm on v 9.0.5.

For added context, I am using the "Use Variable to Set the Front Window Frame" action, but this could be an issue with all window frame manipulation actions.

For added weirdness, it doesn't happen with all apps. It seems to happen with Apple apps like Finder and Safari, but 3rd-party apps like Sublime Text or Spotify don't have this issue.

My gut assumption is that KM is using different API (or accessibility methods) based on the type of application, which could explain the variance between apps. Perhaps has do do with security privileges.

Or it could be there’s something funny about some stock apps. That’s actually the more likely scenario.

I've continuted to observe this behavior over the past number of weeks and just gets stranger by the day.

Some apps exhibit this window animation and some don't. But it seems to depend on the weather, sun spots, and if a butterfly is flapping its wings in Mongolia. Because some days the SAME apps will NOT have an issue and windows just relocate insatntly without animating - just like they always have. And yet other days those apps WILL animate and it screws things up, as described in my original post.

Could this be an oddball bug introduced in Cocoa in Catalina? Or is KM somehow conditionally triggering animated window frame bounds segues and sometimes not?