New Chrome Window with URL


I'm trying a very simple macro with the following actions -

New Google Chrome Window with URL “Keyboard Maestro 11.0.2: Work Faster with Macros for macOS
Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 13.21.28

That's it.

Now, it does open a new chrome window, however, the URL gets opened opened in the previous Chrome Window and not the new window that it just opened.

What am I doing wrong?

That action works fine here in Chrome (KM 11, macOS 14), so I have no idea what might be going on. Do you use any Chrome extensions that might be managing how new URLs are opened?


Hello @griffman !

No, not using any extensions that might interfere with this.

I've managed to get my desired outcome through a different set of steps.

There is some sort of bug that interferes with Chrome when a new tab and a specific link is to be opened. I've found it to be a bit finicky but considering I have several Chrome windows running different user profiles, it tough to zero down on the exact cause.

I tried this in Ventura, Chrome Version 122.0.6261.112 (Official Build) (arm64), and it had no problems opening the new window.

The action is pretty trivial, it is simply the AppleScript

	make new window
	set URL of active tab of window 1 to ""

I guess the make new window part is being delayed on your Mac for some reason.

I'll make an adjustment to the AppleScript so it does

	set w to make new window
	set URL of active tab of w to ""

Which should be safe enough and should resolve this issue.

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