New Conditions in Keyboard Maestro 8

Keyboard Maestro uses conditions in a variety of control flow actions, like Pause Until, If Then Else action, While, Until and the Assert action I mentioned recently.

Version 8 adds a number of new conditions, all of which can be used in all the places conditions can be used - I’ve mentioned this “orthogonality” before, and it’s how Keyboard Maestro increases its power exponentially while keeping the complexity in check.

There are new numeric conditions that let you compare a variable or other element that might contain a number to see if it is greater than or less than or whatever. Things that are unlikely to contain a number (for example, your wireless network name) won’t show these options.

For string conditions, you can now use “starts with” and “ends with” without having to resort to Regular Expressions. And there is also “is before” and “is after” for alphabetical comparisons.

There is also a new condition to explicitly test the Action Result of the previous action (previously you could have tested the ActionResult token, but the new way is clearer and simpler).

You can now test the state of the mouse button(s).

And finally, the Application condition is extended to allow you to test if an application is hidden or not.

These new conditions should help you make your macros more responsive.


I have to say, I’m finding the periodic Tips & Tutorials by @peternlewis VERY informative.


YES, these tips are a huge bonus, especially when there is a “real life example”, because most of the times my old brain does not get the explanation of the wiki (unless there is a practical example that supports the theory).
A big thank you to P. Lewis and the others wizards for helping the dumbs and slow witted.


I’ll try to ensure more real world examples in the tips. I am basically working through the What’s New release notes, trying to do one every day or two, so I am glad folks are enjoying them.


One more vote for more real life practical examples. It helps so much to see what others are doing with the Keyboard Maestro actions.

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Brilliant additions to KM!

I would also like real world examples would be great, but also know they take time to document.

I like it that you are releasing these in small bits. It keeps the, from being overwhelming. I look forward to the step-wise reveal.