New Forum Feature: TAGS

###New Forum Feature: TAGS
Installed: 2016-04-14

[EDIT: 2016-04-15 19:06 CT -- ADD request for tag suggestions]

We are just getting starting using the Tags feature, but I thought I'd start a pinned topic here to introduce it.

Hopefully, tags will make it easier for everyone to find the topic/macro of interest.

We need your help:
What Tags Do You Want?

###How Tagging Works
(this is a work-in-progress. Will update as we learn more)

Click on the right-arrow :arrow_forward: (or Section Title) to expand the section

**1. Creating Tags -- restricted to moderators** * Needed to ensure quality of tags
**2. Assigning Tags -- available to all when the topic is created** * A Tag field is at the bottom of the new topic entry (only topics may be tagged, not posts) .
**3. All Tags Menu** * You can view a list of all tags from the "all tags" menu at the top of the page: . . * This will show a list of available tags: .


  • Just click on a tag to view all topics assigned that tag.
**4. Search for Topics by Tag** * Click on the Search icon in the upper right corner of the page. * Enter: "tag:tag_name" For example: `tag:text_expansion` * You can further limit the Search to a Category by adding a "category:category_name" For example: `tag:text_expansion category:macro`
**5. View a List of [All Tags](** * This link is available in the Forum Menu , also in the upper right corner: .
**6. View All Topics Assigned a Specific Tag** * When you display a topic, the Tag(s) assigned to that topic will be shown. * Just click on the Tag, and the list of corresponding topics will be shown. .
**7. Subscribe to New Topics Assigned a Specific Tag** * If there is a Tag that you would like to follow, to be notified when a new topic is posted for that Tag, then click on the Tag to view the List of Topics for that tag. * Then click on the Notify/Follow icon to view the dropdown, and select the notification option you want: .
Please reply here if you have any questions or suggestions about tagging.

BTW, this topic is tagged with "tagging", since that is the keyword used by the Discourse forum software on their forum.


What forum software are you using? This is the first time I have seen tags used. And it is great - better than having fixed categories.

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Hey Romeo,



We have now been using the Discourse forum Tags feature for about six months now.

Please post any feedback and suggestions that you have.

This is my menu
gui dis1

How can I create tags and display it to all tags

If you are asking for help with the forum software on your site, then you will need to post a question at