New Here: Can you use a ShuttlePRO v2 to trigger KM?

New Here: Can you use a ShuttlePRO v2 to trigger KM? I am trying to set up some Macros to run with Digital performer using my ShuttlePRO as a trigger. I can’t seem to figure out how to set this up.



Sorry for the late reply. I’ve just been trying the ShuttlePRO v2 with Cubase and I found your question.
I did this:

  1. Set up the ShuttlePRO to work with Cubase (not Keyboard Maestro).
  2. Assigned some Cubase key commands to buttons on the ShuttlePRO.
  3. Assigned some Keyboard Maestro macros for Cubase to buttons on the ShuttlePRO.
    E.G. I have a Maestro macro for the command Audition in Cubase. The Maestro shortcut is F15.
    I just assigned F15 to a Shuttle button.

I’d love to see what macros you have used @Richard720 or setup to Cubase. I also use the ShuttlePro 2, Cubase and Keyboard Maestro.

skillet - Thanks for your reply.

I haven't used my ShuttlePRO recently, but I'm uploading my Cubase 8 and 9 macros for you.
Cubase 8 and 9 macros.kmmacros (550.0 KB)

  1. Most of the Cubase 9 macros are just duplicates of Cubase 8.
  2. Some of the macros are experimental e.g. Freeze multiple tracks.
  3. Some of the macros contain keystrokes which are for Cubase key commands and Cubase macros.
  4. I rarely put comments in the macros (silly!!!!), so I often forget exactly how they work. Ask me if you need any help with any of them and I will try to remember.

Thanks a bunch I look forward to going through these.

I also wonder if somebody found a way to use ShuttlePRO v2 to trigger KM

The only way to know is to try it. It may work better without drivers installed, it depends on the device. If it does work, use USB Device Key triggers. It is unlikely Keyboard Maestro can use the knob, but it may be able to use the buttons.

KM or even Controllermate can not even read or detetect the presence of Shuttle Pro, not the jog wheel or the buttons…

That is a shame.

I have KM recognizing the ShuttlePRO after I installed the ShuttlePRO driver.

I would love to work this way, but I hate not having the shuttle work.

Going back to ShuttlePRO driver, as sketchy as it is.

I have to plug the ShuttlePRO and plug it back in at least once a day.