New KM version not correctly identifying/working with aText

Since upgrading, macros in the group available when aText is front application don’t work–it’s not recognizing that aText is in front.

aText is kind of funny in that it doesn’t take over the menu bar and the system seems to consider the prior application still “in front” (as evidenced by Cmd+Tab switching to the one before that), which likely points to the problem.

I tried changing my macro group availability to “all applications,” but window contains “aText”, but surprisingly still didn’t work!

Peter, I’m glad to buy you a license if you don’t already have aText!

[FYI, I’ve had a MUCH better experience with aText than TextExpander, for many reasons, including 2 critical ones: performance with very large library of abbreviations in the editor, and ability to work with Citrix-based apps such as the medical records programs I use daily!]