New macro "wizard" (or how to easy create a macro interactively)

ONe of the areas where I always struggle is creating a macro interactively (assume my macro is simply a sequence of key presses and/or clicks ). Is there a menu option to start recording?

I thought the new menu "wizzard" would do that, but instead, it only asks for group/macro name (it is one of the major advertised features of version 11). It is really no that different from adding a new macro.

So perhaps my real question is, what is the simplest way to create a create a new macro based on an interactive sequence of key presses and/or clicks?

thank you for your responses


Create your macro (manually or with the New Macro Wizard, which just lumps together a few of the initial steps), and then click the Record button at the bottom of the Detail view (Command-R), and then perform your actions.

Note that recorded actions are generally only a first draft at a reliable macro for all except the simplest of macros.

Thank you for the explanation of how to record macros quickly. I completely missed the "record" button.

(Your quick response prompted me to upgrade my license, thank you).