New OCR allows for improved Skip Ads on Youtube

The new OCR action allows for simpler code to skip Youtube ads. Here's something I just whipped up in 60 seconds. It works only on full screen Youtube videos. And if you want to use it then your screen resolution will require a different hardcoded click location to click on the place where the word Skip appears.

I'm not saying this is the ultimate solution to skipping ads, but it's a good example of the OCR action. It's a much better solution than using "Find Image" since Youtube uses transparency for their Skip buttons.

For efficiency I narrowed the OCR search area and hardcoded the mouse click location. However it certainly is possible to make this code more robust and reliable and generic. But the amount of code would increase.

Cool idea.

I couldn't get OCR to work on my 4k display, so I cobbled together an Action that works for me.

Skip Youtube Ad.kmactions (810 Bytes)

(To trigger, I use the iOS app to skip ads while not at my computer e.g. working out)