New Release of Desktop Wallpaper (5.8)

New Release of the Desktop Wallpaper Macro Library (v. 5.7).

Many changes. Perhaps the most important is that rather than using ESC to stop, I use a new macro “Stop Screensaver when not idle” which allows a variety of ways to stop the screensaver. Screensaver has separate options to determine when to start ScreenSaver mode, and when to turn off the display to save energy. For better reliabilty, rewrote the code to count spaces for Screen 1 and 2. Also cleaned up the “Review” and the “Upgrade” macros so they have the same structure. Works on Ventura 13.5. Added Comments. Disabled the code that keeps a log of newly selected pictures. Other more modest changes.

5.1 explicitly closes finder windows.
5.2 fixes a minor bug and improves performance.
5.3 simplifies the code in Cron Display Job
5.4 corrects a bug introduced in 5.3 turning off Display after S/S
5.5 made parts of cron job asynchronous to all it to complete quickly
5.6 fix a hard to find bug related to hiding desktop icons
5.7 clean a few things up

Desktop Images Macros v. 5.7.kmlibrary (350.0 KB)

Once installed, how can I remove this?
I thought I found it but didn't. =)

Just delete the entire Macro Group by pressing the "-" at the bottom of the "Groups" column.

Understood, but I would like to get rid of the underlying software that was installed. Is that able to be removed?

There is no underlying software. What you import is only what you get. The Macro Library is entirely self contained.

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Release 5.8.3 Minor changes. Specifically, hiding TV and hiding Music interact in strange ways. This fixes it by explicitly hiding each one separately.

Version 5.8.3 Desktop Images Macros.kmlibrary (371.2 KB)