New string triggers

@peternlewis Thanks for the new triggers. They are very useful and offer much more flexibility. I haven't had the chance to try all the combinations yet and I don't understand everything in detail.

Nevertheless, I would like to ask a first question. Maybe this will help me with other things I don't understand yet.

Modifier (trigger) work on key up.

So if cmd should do something, it needs key down, key up. I assume you think in sequences. Cmd doesn't trigger when the sequence is interrupted, so for normal hotkeys, cmd + a. Because the letter is between cmd down and up. Is that correct?

However, this no longer works if, for example, cmd+opt+a is pressed. In this case the cmd trigger is executed. Sometimes. It seems to depend on the order in which cmd and opt are pressed, which is actually unlikely. Or is it just me?

Yes, they should not trigger it, but you're right, it can, so I'll look in to that to see why.

As with any typed string trigger, you probably want a sequence otherwise its going to fire when you aren't really expecting it to.

How do you define "sequence"? As I understand it, down and up is a sequence that is interrupted when something else is typed in between. Therefore cmd does not trigger in such cases. So far this works very reliably. :slight_smile:

I have found that for my purposes the "USB device key" trigger is better. If only a modifier should be the trigger "Is tapped once/twice" seems to work perfectly.

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This should be resolved in the next version.


@peternlewis I don't know what you did to solve this and I don't understand much about it, but I'm afraid there is an inherent problem between the "string" and the "usb device key" triggers when you want to use only one modifier or a combination of them. The triggers do not help each other, they are antagonists.

As I said, I don't understand anything in comparison with you, but it seems to me that it might have been better not to allow modifiers with "strings" but to improve the "usb device key" instead.

To differentiate enough and thus create possibility, it would have to be possible to define which modifier is up or down in relation to other modifiers. Currently these possibilities are spread over two types of triggers.

You know all that, even without my comment. Maybe you wanted it that way or it doesn't work differently with the existing structure of KM.

This does not make sense, they are completely different.

The USB Device Key trigger detects press or release of many kinds of USB device “buttons”, including things like buttons on monitors or mice or keyboards or whatever. Whether a button is detectable or not is entirely dependent on how the button is implemented. Such presses can also be restricted to when specific modifiers are being held, though this should not be combined with detecting the specific modifiers since that would not be reliable.

The Typed String trigger detects sequences of typed keys, which with v11 can include sequences of tapped modifiers. There are issues in 11.0 that don't properly handle cases like Pressing Command, Pressing Option, Releasing Option, Releasing Command (which will count as tapping Command while it shouldn't). Such issues should be resolved in the next version.

I don't know what that means.

Ok, then maybe I should test the new version first, and only go into detail (examples) if it is still necessary.

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