New Update Causing Km to Run Very Slow

Is the new update for KM or Mac OS causing issues with the performance in the editor? I have a small team and all of the editors are running very slow... I received the notice to update KM today and I am assuming that is the reason. please advise, anyone!

I'm running Keyboard Maestro 9.1 on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave), and I'm not seeing any new slowdowns in the KM Editor (or in the KM Engine).

Please provide some specific examples of the slowdowns you have observed, including the exact steps to reproduce, and the amount of time it takes. We will also need to know which versions of KM and macOS you are running, and the HW specs of your Mac to properly evaluate.

Really the steps to reproduce my problems are within the first few clicks of using KM. Opening it causes the spinning wheel. This takes about 10-15 seconds to stop. I get about 3-5 seconds of smooth engagement and as I try to navigate to my Macro it spins again for another 10-20 seconds. rinse and repeat. I do not have other things open, I have about 20 macros total on there right now. I have had up to 80 at one point and had no issues. I have a 2013 MacBook air that is handling KM incredibly well... I have also tried to use KM on my brother's MacBook pro, he is the newest pro and he is on Mojave OS, still running really slow there.

For now, I am just using the air, I believe the macros execute fine on my big sur OS, however editing them is really not an option.

Thank you very much for assisting, this is incredibly important for my business!

On a side note, this forum is so so helpful. I have been silently reading and learning for about 3 months now, what I can accomplish now blows my mind, it's all from your guy's in-depth explanations. I can't thank you enough. I've implemented some really clever techniques and early next year I will share with everyone (busy time for me right now). Shout out to these members below, (I am sure I am missing some who deserve credit here, not that you guys help for recognition anyways:slight_smile:)


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Thanks for your detailed report. This should help @peternlewis diagnose the problem.
As I said above, I am running Mojave, and do not see any of this behavior. So perhaps it is due to macOS Big Sur.

Thank you!

If Keyboard Maestro or Keyboard Maestro Engine is running slow or spinning, use the Activity Monitor utility and select Keyboard Maestro or Keyboard Maestro Engine and choose Sample Process from the gear menu. That will indicate where it is spending its time which should lead to the cause.


Peter did not explicitly say this, but I would not be able to determine " where it is spending its time which should lead to the cause.".

So, unless you are an expert on Sample Process, you may want to save the results (click the "Save" button), put in zip file, and email to Peter at

For ease of reference, you may want to include the detailed info from your above post.

Thank you very much, about to email you a screen recording and some details. it is not just my unit that is having issues, i have tested on 3 different new macs and its not running smooth.

I am not blaming anyone, I am just a huge fan and really need this to work! Thank you all.

Just sent the email, I found the sample report portion in the activity monitor, if that was not the correct thing needed please advise me otherwise. I'm hands on but far from an expert on Sample Process.

Meanwhile, if anyone else has had these issues and found solutions or they are persisting please share, and maybe we can come to a solution.

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I had a variable that was infinitely filled, a few days ago I misused the for each action ( i know how to, it was just a mistake). basically, I set a huge list of info to a variable that was set to itself about 200x). Thank you @peternlewis and @JMichaelTX . How do I mark this solved? @peternlewis - should I include the info you sent me?


This instructions for deleting the Keyboard Maestro Variables sqlite file? No, that is more likely to be misused than used appropriately in the very rare case like this that it is needed.