Newbie. How to create date

Decades-old user of QuicKeys, finally kicking it to the curb and switching to KM this week.

How do I create a macro that types out the current date? ie, I want to hit F9 and have it type out 7-28-14. I’d like to also create one that types out a longer date, such as July 28, 2014.

I did a search and found this:
"You can create an action Clipboard -> Insert Text which includes tokens."… but that made no sense to me, and I couldn’t find “Insert Text” under the Clipboard folder.

thanks for any ideas.

You can search for actions by selecting the “All actions” category and typing in the search box above it. The “Insert Text” action is in the Text category.

Once you’ve added such an action to your macro, click on “Insert Token”, at the top right of the action. There you’ll find “Long Date”, “Short Date”, “Number Date”, etc. Select one and the token will be inserted into the action. You can also combine several of them, as in « %LongDate% %LongTime% ».

BTW, I have a Tips and Tricks page that you might find useful. Click on my name for the url.

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Many thanks, Philippe. Very clear.

One confusion was just seeing how the left-hand Action window and Groups/Macro window overlap, and how to go from one to the other. Once I figured out which was which, and how to remove the Action window through that upper left X icon, it got easier.

And thank you for the link to your tips. i’m looking through it now.

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Keyboard Maestro and QuicKeys are very different, and can be a bit jarring initially, but I frequently get the comment along the lines of “Why didn’t I switch sooner”.

Please read the wiki page on transitioning from QuicKeys for some tips, and also read the Quick Start (menu Help -> Quick Start) to understand the different parts that make up Keyboard Maestro and how they work together, as well as to become familiar with the terminology used in Keyboard Maestro.

Also, if you do the Tutorial, it will run you through the steps of creating a macro, including showing and closing the actions selector.

And if the simple %LongDate% and %ShortDate% tokens are not sufficient control for you, you can use the ICUDateTime token (menu Edit -> Insert Token -> Formatted (ICU) Date Time, and Help -> ICU Date Time Reference).

I also am a QuicKeys refuge (since the '90’s) and am now asking myself: “Why didn’t I switch years ago?!?”. I guess QuicKeys just inspired such loyalty in many of us that we just hung on as long as we could! But I have quickly recognized that Keyboard Maestro is way better than QuicKeys ever was!

I’ve looked at Philippe’s tips and tricks, which are very helpful, but I’m still not getting how to insert dates with a specific format. I’ve got a macro set up to insert a “Short Date” token, but I’d like to create macros to insert/type a date in the formats: 3/21/15 and 150321. I see that there are tokens with several data formats, and I know I can combine them, but I don’t see how to customize the output to format it in the forms I noted.

Can someone help with explicit instructions for my request, along with general information on how one customizes the format of dates and other typed text, hopefully without learning a scripting language?

Thanks much.

Nevermind - I figured it out! :grinning:

I see that the ICUDateTime token is editable! (I didn’t get that from the documentation.) Using the ICU data formatting guide, I was able to edit the token to output the date in the exact forms I wanted.

It might be helpful to other users if you point that out in your documentation for the Date/Time text token.

Thanks for such an awesome product! I’m a computer consultant and am now going to be recommending Keyboard Maestro to my clients! :+1:

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Now that I see how to modify tokens, my question now is: can customized tokens be named and saved for future use?

Sure. Well, ok, the answer is really no, except you have Keyboard Maestro, right? Create a macro, give it a typed string to Status menu trigger, and have it Insert Text by Typing the token.

I need to configure the date token so that it prints 04-15-15. I could not find it in the ICU formats. Can you suggest or help?

So month-day-year.

That would be: %ICUDateTime%MM-dd-yy%

Thank you

The ICU Date Format reference is linked to from the Help menu.