Newbie - Image Question

Hello everyone, I'm new to this program, I have been using a one for Windows the past few days, and since I have a mac, figured would try it out. So far I love it, way more streamlined and easier to understand things.

But I'm having a problem. I have the image that I want it to find set, but I only want it to search within a certain area of the screen. How do I do this?

Hi @Trading_and_Technolo,

See this submenu in the "Find image" action?


Click it, and you'll see numerous options for limiting KM's search area:


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Got it, now is there a way for it to search different pictures at the same time?

I’m building a bot for options trading

How it’s pictured to be designed is

There is price action of a stock, then there are 3 averages that creates what’s called a ribbon.

When price action breaks out of this ribbon heading up, it triggers a buy order (creates a image of a green arrow), and enters a call position.

When price goes into the ribbon it triggers a exit order (creates a image of a white square), and closes the position.

When price breaks down past the ribbon, it triggers a sell order (creates a image of a red arrow), and enters a put position.

I have the macros all setup to execute the orders, but I’m wondering how I can make it scan for all symbols at once, automatically when the macros is running (without having to hit hotkeys)

It would only see one image at a time for a minute, so it would need a delay after a macro executed.

And finally, when there is a exit symbol know what side of the trade to do (which I think I know how to do this as I’m thinking about it). There are images that pop up that says what position you have, so I’m assuming just create a check for if image exists here, exit position?