Newbie KM Question

Just downloaded the KM demo so I’m new to this. Basically, I need to send an e-mail to 35 recipients. Each mail is different, each one has a different attachment. I’ve made decent headway creating a macro to do it (impressed how simple it was) but I had a couple of questions on triggering and grouping before I go further.

Ideally, once a Macro has been created for each, I want to run them all consecutively - What’s the most simple and efficient way to do this within KM? Currently I have put them all in a Group folder.

To trigger it I would like to have a particularly obscure keyboard combination (I don’t want to do it accidentally…) or even better, some executable file. Is this doable without having to involve AppleScript?

Apologise if these seem simple questions - I’ve had a look through the manual but can;t seem to find anything that tells me how to do this though (may have missed it).



You might be better to use a For Each action to iterate through lines of text containing the recipient and the file, and then you'd have only one macro.

  • Set variable Everyone to text

  • For Each variable Entry in lines of Variable Everyone
    • Search variable Entry for (.):(.) to Email, Path
    • Mail message to %Variable%Email% attach %Variable%Path%

If you have thirty five macros, to run each macro you have to have a sequence of 35 Execute Macro actions - tedious to setup.

Rather than a key code, use the status menu trigger. You can also include anAlert action at the start of the macro to confirm that you wish to execute the sequence.

You can create a droplet to execute the macro, but it has to be AppleScript. But Keyboard Maestro can give you the AppleScript in the "Or by script" section of the triggers, just select AppleScript and Keyboard Maestro will give you the required AppleScript code.