Newbie Question Insert Text by Typing, in a Web List Box, Not Working With a Token

Hi I’m relatively new, (coming back after a while), evaluating the product and would appreciate any help.

I am working with a drop-down list on a webpage.

When I execute the action insert text by typing an item from the list, the macro works and it it goes to that value and highlights that value in the list.

If instead of putting a literal value there I put a token it does not go to that item in the list box.

This behavior seems inconsistent unless I'm missing something very basic.

Thank you

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Which token? Can you post your macro?

Thanks, I clarified my title be a more accurate.
It does work in a web text box but I find that it does not work in a web list box.

The variable is there I can display it using an alert and it makes no difference whether or not I'm using clipboard variable or just setting a variable using set variable command to text.

Also, how are macros posted here. Is it using a screen shot?

Here is a screenshot:

What is the ultimate aim of this macro?
Why are you setting a variable at all when you could enter "calcu" in to the typing action?

This loops and it does it for each line that is in the clipboard even though I didn't show it in the macro.

This is why I need it to work with tokens.

I just wanted to troubleshoot and see why the entered literal worked and using a variable didn't so I just created this macro for experimenting and debugging.


Does what?

  • Selects item from a web list box by Insert Text by Typing

  • Web page processes it

  • Loops and gets the next item from clipboard and does the same thing

Ok, so you're working with a webpage form, as opposed to trying to select bookmarks or Safari's menu or UI elements? Which website is it?

Export from the KM editor and then drag from the Finder into the comment block in your browser.

Which website is it?

Sorry, the web site is something that requires a login.

Export from the KM editor and then drag from the Finder into the comment block in your browser.


I can't see anything wrong with your macro, so I'm a bit stumped. If you change nothing else and replace the variable with the explicit text and it works OK, then that's very odd.

That is exactly what is happening.

I appreciate your efforts. Thanks

Do still post your macro though -- it's the only way people can check options that aren't visible in the screenshot. Meanwhile, do check the settings (under the cogwheel) for the "Insert text" action to make sure you haven't disabled token processing!

And please don't ask how often I've been caught out by that myself...

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Bingo, you got it. Thanks.

I would never have know that this option existed.

Why would it be useful?

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