Newbie question: Palette Themes - how do they work?


New to the product and the forums. Having worked my way through MacSparky's field guide I think I know my way around but have plenty more to learn yet!

One question I do have relates to Palette Themes. I have set new Palette Themes in Preferences, opting for very bright colours just to check I am not being too subtle about this.

My question : when I select a Palette using Show Palette of Macros action, why do they all still show in the default black and white? I expected these to show in their bright new colours. Am I missing the point of Palette Themes perhaps?

Thanks in advance

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The Show Palette of Macros action uses conflict palettes, so just make sure the theme you set applies to this type here and it should work:

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Thank you @gglick !

That works a treat now.

Out of interest, when are the other palette themes used ?

No problem. Glad to hear that's all the problem was. As for the other palettes, this page on the KM wiki should explain better than I can:

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