Newbie questions re: palettes: division with text, colouring, manually ordering

Hello to all,

I'm new to the realm of Keyboard Maestro, having recently decided to take the plunge after much praising from David Sparks and others.

I'm now learning to use palettes (which are great, btw) and am wondering if one can put text divisions in between macros.

Like from this:

To this:

Also following this idea of making palettes easier to view, can I suggest that in a future update, colouring each macro (on palette) could be an option? (If this can already be done, can someone show me how?)

I do something like that with TextSoap Palette:

One final question: is it possible to manually order the macros in a palette? (Right now I'm numbering/alphabetizing them.)


@mjknght, welcome to Keyboard Maestro, and to its forum.
I think you will find KM to be one of the best Mac automation tools available, and the forum to be one of the best and friendliest on the Internet.

To answer your numerous questions about palettes, may I suggest that you review the following:

  1. KM Wiki Article Palettes
  2. Forum Search for Topics Tagged with "palettes"
  3. Forum Search for Topics with a Title of "palette"
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Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions, @JMichaelTX.

I finally discovered Palette Organizer.

Couldn't find anything on colouring, though.

If by "colouring" you mean

Then AFAIK that is not currently possible.
So, then your request will need to be considered by the developer, @peternlewis.

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Hi @valente, welcome to the paradise of pallets :wink:

You don't get the lyrics in color, but you can use the "Icon Chooser" in Keyboard Maestro.
So you can put symbols, icons and color in front of your text:


There are various possibilities to design pallets. I like to use individual icons in front of the text or only icons for my screenshot tools:


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Oh, if only paradise could be more colourful. :wink:

Yes, I'm already using that workaround... which indeed works quite well.

Non sequitur — what app are you using for these short screens, @appleianer?

If you mean the Gif's @valente, I create them with ScreenFlow 8

Yup, that's exactly what I was meaning. Been entertained for awhile now watching other gifs you have posted in the forum. Extremely useful. Thanks, @appleianer.

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Thank you @valente :+1: I find it more understandable and comprehensible for the user to add short video's to explanations about macros.
Then you can see right away how it should work in the end.

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Screenflow (which I own and use) will definitely get the job done, but if that is the only use you have for it, then it is probably a bit of over-kill, too high a price for just that function (creating animated gifs)

See this topic for a more complete discussion:
Simplest way to create animated GIFs for this forum?


I doubt macros in palettes will get colors in background or foreground text any time soon.

Thanks for your reply, @peternlewis. (I wish is was no so, though.)