Newbie Using Trial and Needs Guidance

Attempting to automate scene changes in OBS from Proclaim using Midi controller changes to execute OBS hotkeys. Debugging the macro does show that the keystroke is being executed however OBS doesn't seem to receive the keystroke. The hotkeys are setup in OBS and do operate manually. I have the macro group set to activate for all applications.

Was OBS the front app when keystroke was simulated?

Is there a menu item for the action you want to execute? If so, you may also try the menu click action in Keyboard Maestro. (I had experience a similar thing with zoom and BetterTouchTool. I made it to simulate a shortcut for toggling camera. But it did not work. I switched to menu click. It worked.)

That worked! Thanks so much!!

Is there away to achieve the action in OBS without bringing it to the front? I want to leave it in the background (thus the reason for automating OBS scene change from Proclaim app signal).

KM does offer sending keystroke to an app in background.

But you said the keyboard shortcut doesn't work... so I don't know what else we can do. Maybe AppleScript if OBS supports (I'm not an OBS user. I don't know)?

Another way is to temporally activate OBS for the action. After the action, hide the app or minimize the front window or switch to another app (whichever action works for you).


Got it all working using the Keystroke. You have been a great help!! Many thanks.


Great response... thanks!