Nicecast Archive - run for 1 hour stop it and run again for 1 hour

Folks. I’m new here and I wonder if you can help. I’m running KM 6.4.8 in my old Macbook.
I’m trying to get the “archive” button pressed once, wait for 1 hour while archive is performed, press “archive” again to stop it and 1 or 2 seconds later start it all over again. What this will accomplish is record audio from Nicecast in 1 hour files each. This is necessary to keep backups of broadcasted Fire and EMS audio in my area.

What I’ve done so far doesn’t seem to work.

I would suggest creating a macro that is executed every hour. Have it figure out if the recording is going or not, and then press the Archive button once or twice.

Hi eadc, did you ever figure out how to do this. I am looking for same thing.

Also peternlewis, can you give a bit more detail or link on how to setup this macro…?


Which part? A periodic trigger is easy enough, see:

Figuring out whether it is recording would depend on the application. Maybe check a menu or image condition:

Pressing the Archive button might be a Press Button action or a Click action, maybe Click at Found Image.

Thanks so much peternlewis. Worked like a charm. I set it to Trigger "Periodic" and the ACTION was "Double Click from Center of Found Image" and I screen snapped the picture of the button. Thanks so much!!!