Non-standard hot keys

KM 8.2.4
macOS 10.13.6
Apple Mac Pro + 101 key keyboard

Hello, can anyone tell me how to create 2 macros with the following hotkeys: ⌘[fn] and ⌘[:arrow_upper_left:︎]. I've only just started using KM so I know next to nothing!

Regarding ⌘[fn]:

Regarding ⌘[:arrow_upper_left:︎], I don't have that key :sweat_smile:

On a 101 keyboard, look at the key immediately to the right of the [fn] key.

It is very simple.

Add a Hot Key trigger by:

  1. Clicking on the image button.
  2. Choose image
  3. When this is displayed:
  4. Just press your entire keystroke at once

If it is a valid Mac key, then it will be set as a trigger.
I used ⌘HOME (which is sometimes shown as ⌘↖ )

If it is a invalid key, like the EJECT key, absolutely nothing will happen.

HOME is the key immediately to the right of my fn key.


I was trying to show the ⌘↖ keystroke, but it all went horribly wrong! It seems that if you don't have the Cmd modifier, the forum displays the character with a blue/grey background, like this :arrow_upper_left:.

Generally, the Fn key is not a real key, not a modifier like Option or Shift, but instead is a hardware toggle, that toggles the meaning of the function keys between their function key behaviour and their hardware key behaviour.

So you cannot use it in hot keys, except as pertains to its roll as a hardware toggle (so for example, if Fn is required for function keys to act as function keys, then Fn-F1 might be a hot key F1, but the Fn key itself is not part of hot key per-se, just as the hardware key toggle to make the F1 key behave like a function key and not say a brightest key).

Thanks for the reply, Peter. It's okay, I settled on using ⌘F13 and ⌘F14 in the end.