Not Even a Newbie - Can I do this?

So, I have never owned KM, but I am thinking about it! I downloaded the trial version a few months ago but never did anything with it - wasn't sure if I wanted to invest time and energy into learning how to become more efficient! :slight_smile:

But, I thought of something that would make this worthwhile for me, if it is possible.

I have a Numbers spreadsheet with about 1300 books (1300 rows). Six "fields" (columns) - Author, Title, Year Published. Date Read, Rating, Description. Could I use KM to move the Numbers entries into Evernote where one book = one note? Same for Apple Notes?

I am not asking for the specific solution (yet!) but just for someone to tell me that a proficient KM user could make this happen. If so, I would probably invest my time in learning KM rather than copy/pasting for hours!


Yes, sounds like a job for KM.

A similar thing I did not so long ago was copy-paste fields from a website into a spreadsheet, and KM worked fine. It was a lot of switching between browser-excel-browser-excel, and I created a macro to let KM handle this.

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Thank you!

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Hey James,

This task is very doable – especially if you use the Legacy version of Evernote that still has AppleScript support.

Apple Notes is also AppleScriptable.


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