Notification insert button? (or feature request)

Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,4
System Version: macOS 10.13.2 (17C88)

Is there any way to insert a button in a notification feature? In some mac notifications, there are buttons (e.g., the system update notification). Would there be a way to insert a button on one of these notifications? Then, if you click the button, it would set off whatever actions you wanted.

Hey Jackson,


The notifications API doesn't offer such features.


Makes sense! Thanks.

Could you give an example of where you want to use this opportunity or where you need it?

Sure! I have a macro that notifies me that a program I have is open. I can’t always close it because it sometimes does need to be opened, but I’ve had times where it stays open for super long even though I’m not using it. Because of the way it’s designed, I can’t just tell it to close after inactivity or something. So in my reminder notification, maybe I could put a small button in that shuts it down. I don’t want to use the prompt for input because that’s too disruptive.

That may be your only choice here. By default, it will respond to keystrokes of ESC (to cancel) and RETURN (for OK). So it should be quick to dismiss the prompt.

Do you mean a notification like this one, with which you can perform actions after a certain time interval?

What you have there is exactly what I'm talking about. Could you possibly send that to me?

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This looks very interesting. Where did you find this Action? Is it from a custom Action Plugin?

Could you please upload your macro.

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Hello @Jackson & @JMichaelTX, the praise and thanks for the plugin must be given to @DanThomas :clap: he uploaded the plugin 2016 to the forum here.

I will gladly provide you with my macro. Please replace the screenshot "Anzeigen" in the action "Pause Until" with a screenshot "Shows".

Please take care to keep the "Shows" button pressed a little longer to ensure that the macro/plugin is executed correctly.

If you have an idea how to trigger the "shows" button in a different way... I appreciate every tip. I already asked @DanThomas yesterday at the post

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Nachricht Test.kmmacros (13,7 KB)