Notification vs Display Text Briefly?

I was testing these both options, but they seem to behave the exact same way (apart from minor layout changes) so I would like to know if there's any advantage of using one over the other? Please note I'm comparing Notification with the Briefly option, not the other two.

Briefly option follows whatever settings I have for notifications, so I don't see why that is any different from the Notification action?

I was looking for a way to have a notification overlap whatever I have set to my global macOS Notifications, meaning, maybe for a certain macro I want the notification to stay until I close it, for some macros I would like the notification to go away. Is this possible?

Apple has provided very little control over notifications, so Keyboard Maestro cannot provide any options it doesn't already provide.

I'm not sure if this critter can do everything you want, but you can have a look-see (if it still works that is):

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@ccstone thanks for the reply and the link I will check it.
So my question still remains: when and why would we use the Display Text, if it behaves like a Notification, without some of the features?

To describe their behavior briefly
Display Text: Display text with line wrapping so useful for showing long line of text.
Notification: Display 3 text (top, middle, bottom) with no line wrapping (Each will get truncated if too long)

So this really depends on your needs.

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Thank you for clarifying!
I was testing it now based on what you mentioned and I see that it indeed does that when using Notification.
One thing to note is that:

is partially accurate, since it only allows 2 lines of text (not unlimited) until it gets truncated as well. Still useful for some scenarios, though.

I really appreciate your help and clarification :slight_smile:

I checked that GitHub page and that seems way too complex for my basic knowledge and to be honest, it's not worth the time to really install all those things, etc.

I really just wanted to understand if there was a difference between those 2 actions and @macdevign_mac was able to clarify that for me. Those 2 actions, with their "limitations" are more than enough for my macros, I believe

Thanks for sharing the link anyway :slight_smile: