Notification When a Particular Youtube Channel Uploads a New Video

Hi there! I am new to KM and excited to learn! I have a certain macro idea in mind but didn't find something about that on the forums.

I am subscribed to a few Youtube channels and would like to get notified (macOS standard notification) as soon as one of them uploads a new video. Even better would be if I could define a playlist and the notification would only occur if the uploader assigned the video to this particular playlist.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

This can be done, but it really isn't a Keyboard Maestro thing. It takes a lot of work in JavaScript (or other languages) to do it. You can check out the documentation here:

This is not for the faint of heart. If you're not a developer, you'll want to find some other way to do this. I know you probably don't want to rely on YouTube sending you notification emails, because they're unreliable to say the least, but it's really the easiest way. That, and just checking the channels regularly.

If you do happen to be a developer, JavaScript specifically, then I have some experience in this area and I might be able to answer questions. But it's too complicated for most people. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn't be surprised if there's an app or website that might help you get notifications - that's another place to look.

You should be able to set up a news reader to handle your YouTube channels. Then the news reader can give you notifications when new vids are available.

There are RSS feeds for each YouTube channel, although YouTube does not make this easy to find.

Once you find the RSS feed that you need, then it's just a matter of finding a Mac or iOS app which will give you the notifications that you want, or using something like IFTTT.

You could parse those RSS feeds in Keyboard Maestro and look for new episodes, but it would not be my recommendation.

Append the Channel ID—found at the end of the URL for a channel—to the end of this URL and it can be added to an RSS reader:

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I've also discovered that there are various phone apps that support YouTube feeds.

Wow, thank you very much! Turns out, IFTTT has a Youtube integration where you can use "A new video has been added to a certain channel" as a condition. Using this might just be the easiest way. I just don't know what to set as an action so that IFTTT pushes a signal to KM or KM gets triggered by IFTTT automatically.