Notifications Problem

If anyone is an OSX expert, I sure can use some help. This may seem off-topic, but it isn't. I was fiddling with the Notifications Features on my Mac-Mini (10.10.5), trying to clean up my menu bar and thought it was possible to hide or delete the Notifications icon in the same way one might remove time and date.

I didn't realize, how embedded it is, in the system.The absence of Notifications has wreaked havoc on my KM app. (When a macro aborts, for example, instead of a notification, Preview launches and an image of the macro displays.)

I scoured the internet and tried every fix I can find, but to no avail. I wish there was a way you can delete every file connected to Notifications and replace it, in the same way you can do with some apps.

Does anyone know, is this is possible?

I have another mac mini that runs on the same OS. If it was possible to delete the Notific. files on one computer, and replace them using files from another computer, I have the resources. But so far, the research I found doesn't make mention of this.

Any help would be appreciated. It's become a major problem with my KM use.Thanks in advance...

Would help solve your issues?