Nubee success with Solitaire game macro

I play a solitaire game on my Mac regularly. It includes a command to auto move that I will use when I know I won the game and don't want to click all the waiting cards one at a time. Holding down command-A finishes the game for me so I can log it into my statistics. The problem is I like having my keyboard repeat and pause rate set fast, which is too fast for the game, it can't keep up after moving two cards.

At first I thought to do some kind of loop with KM to stop at a point, but I couldn't find an Action that looked right. I also realized the game did not use proper dialog boxes that an Action could read. So I decided instead of taking a lot of time, I would try a simple Repeat Action.

I set it for 20 repeats of command-A, but that was too few when I win a game early with lots of cards to move, so I changed it to 50. One thought I had was what would happen if I won late in the game when only a few cards needed to be moved. I tried it with 50 and discovered that even though KM continues to send the command, I could still log the win and quit without any consequence. So far 50 is working.

I'm happy I didn't spend too much time trying something complicated when something simple worked.


I read your post a couple of times. I'm not certain what you mean, but I have an idea. It's possible in KM to trigger an action when your game becomes the active window, and when it doesn't. When it does, we can set the autorepeat to one speed, and when it doesn't, we can set it to a different speed. Would that help?

This may be the first time I’ve personally heard of using keyboard maestro for a solitaire game, but it just goes to show that the things we use it for are really only limited by our imaginations and personal interests. Thanks for sharing!