Numerically Select Clipboard History Switcher Items

Long time fan (at least since v2.0) and active proselytizer of Keyboard Maestro!

Would the development team please consider adding numerical item selection to KM's Clipboard History Switcher?

The feature would work as follows. With the Clipboard History Switcher active/visible

  1. Type a number using number keys in quick succession (e.g. "1" and "3" for 13)
  2. The Clipboard History Switcher item 13 would be highlighted/activated.

The current Clipboard History Switcher heuristic selects an item whose content most closely resembles the characters/digits typed.

Thank you for considering.

Hey Johnnie,

Too late.  :sunglasses:

Keyboard Maestro 10.0

Search for “Clipboard History”


Thank you for the lead.

I searched for "Clipboard History" on the Keyboard Maestro 10.0 announcement page but couldn't see functionality as I described.

I did see the new Paste by Name functionality but not something that lets you select an arbitrary and specific nth item in the Clipboard History Switcher by typing the numbers corresponding to "n".

Can you help me locate the reference you had in mind?

  • Clipboard History:
    • Added Characters / Words / Lines count to Clipboard History Switcher.
    • Adjusted Clipboard History numbering to match Past Clipboard action.
    • Added Command-Control/Option/Shift-numbers to Clipboard History to Paste or Set optionally plain clipboards.


Thank you so much for pointing my poor tired eyeballs in the right direction! (Too much upgrade action this US holiday break.)

And thanks to the KM dev team (Peter!) for preempting my feature requests!

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