OCR and the capital letter I

I have a macro that will OCR a user selected area, speak it out loud, and then have the OCR test available on the clipboard so I can paste it if wanted.

The OCR identifies all capital letter i "I" as a vertical bar or pipe "|"

Are there some OCR settings or a way to modify the macro to replace the vertical bar/pipe with the letter I?

Just before your Speak Text action add a Search and Replace action that looks for the vertical bar on the System Clipboard and replaces it with the capital i.


Thank you, this works perfectly!

To answer the original question, no, there is no real way to adjust the OCR. Each language is created from a large set of example texts, with machine learning so that it can then interpret the image. All the languages that Keyboard Maestro has available come from the training system that the Tesseract folks have done. While it is possible to create a new set of training data, that is not something I have investigated.