OCR area selection

I find the process of setting OCR areas rather tedious. Is there a way to adjust that into some kind of Go/Get like you do in for instance the mouse position action?
Would be much more intuitive showing KM the ACR area instead of getting the exact coordinates through trial and error.

AFAIK, KM does not provide this as part of the OCR Action.

I totally agree with your desire to make this much easier, like with the "Get" button to allow the user to draw a rectangle of the area to be OCR'd. @peternlewis, please consider this a feature request.

There is a Bash "screencapture" command that allows the user to draw a rectangle, but of course it results in a screen capture. Maybe one of the shell script wizards know of a command to just get the rectangle coordinates. If we have that, it would be easy to write a Macro to paste into the KM OCR Action.

Or simply two Get buttons for top left corner and lower right corner.

Hey JMichaelTX,
Made a makro to get the coordinates. The coordinates of the top left corner is snapped first, after that the coordinates of bottom right.
You have 2 seconds to position the mouse.

Make sure to make 6 variables first under the preferences>variables tab called:
Area Width

Get Mouse coordinates.kmmacros (5.1 KB)

Peter, thanks for sharing.
You macro inspired me to take this to the next level, providing a similar function to the "Get" button on Found Image Actions.
Let me know what you think, and if you have any issues or suggestions with it.

MACRO: Get Area Coordinates to Set KM OCR Action

Cool!!!! Even better thx!

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Easy options imo:

Window>Mouse Display on KM menu is great for mouse location

Cmd+Shift+4 on mac can help you find screen areas